Learn logical fallacies.


Mobile App


Nov 2019 - Feb 2020

Built with

Sketch, React Native, Redux

Project Overview


This project is unique to the others in that my goal was not to solve a problem but to learn React Native and Redux in a fun, and meaningful, way.

I've been interested in learning logical fallacies for some time and found an unfortunate lack of available apps to help. This project was my chance to learn new code, more fallacies, and build something great.

screens of the reasonable app

I used a list of common fallacies with examples found from


Designing Reasonable

I wanted Reasonable to have a relaxed aesthetic. This was achieved through a darker colour scheme with calm purples and simple fonts.

style of the reasonable app


Developing Reasonable

Having some experience with React I decided to build Reasonable using React Native with Expo. I relied heavily on official documentation and medium tutorials, building my own database of React Native knowledge on Notion.

code of the reasonable app

I originally hadn't planned on learning Redux on this project. Yet part way through the project my code had turned into a pile of spaghetti and I realized it was much needed. Learning Redux and implementing it made a world of difference - issues were easier to debug, functions more clear, state easier to manage.

code of the reasonable app

Reasonable provided a fantastic opportunity to dive into more React Native and Redux. You can view the code on github

It is also on TestFlight! Check out the beta here

reasonable app